Taru means “Us” or “Nosotros” in Spanish, and it comes from the extinguished language called “Chorotega.” Our restaurant’s soul is a blend of fresh and locally sourced products, while our passion radiates through every detail. Our unique dishes are rooted in tradition yet bursting with modern luxury – transporting guests to the delectable world they dreamt existed!

With aromas all around them and flavors that deliciously combine into one harmonious bite, we invite you on an enthralling journey full of comfort and liberation at your fingertips. Let us share a gastronomic experience like no other; feel luxury personified here at our valley of tranquility.



Walk in: 7am-10am
Room service: 7am-11am


Walk in: 12md-3pm
Room Sevice: 12md-4pm

Costa Rican Cuisine with a twist

3 Course Tasting Menu
65usd Per person

5 Course Tasting Menu
85usd Per person

7 Course Tasting Menu
120usd Per person

Costa Rica
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